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Loc. Belvedere, 74, 53034 Colle di Val D’Elsa( SI ) Tel: +39 0577 150 1007

INFO MENU  Eu.30-50

price range in Euro drinks not included:
price with two disches – full menu price


Meat: YES
Fish: 8 dishes
Vegetarian: 5 dishes
Pizza: NO
Celiac: YES no AIC
Terrace / Garden: YES
Ceremonies: 150 people


at Lunch:Closed on Monday
at Dinner: Closed on Monday


Fordicolle is not a restaurant in its traditional sense.


Our restaurant is an innovative catering concept, based on an original formula of the unconventional consumption of raw or cooked fish. After selecting the most distinctive features of traditional kitchens, Fordicolle has reworked them in a new configuration. Within the premises, relaxation and home dimension surround customers.

The oriental minimalist atmosphere is perceptible, the spontaneous hospitality.

Between a taste of raw fish or carefully selected meats and the sizzle of our teppanyaki plate and a glass of wine, the customer feels at home. All this in a context in which it is possible to observe our young chefs at work. Aperitif at 19. Every day



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